A Buyers Guide to Scooter Decks written by Pro Scooter Riders

In this article we cut through all the noise and break down the 4 crucial things to consider and compare when buying a new scooter deck.

1) Scooter Deck Length
Length is possibly the most important thing to consider when purchasing a Scooter Deck and Scooter Decks can vary in length from about 19” to 24” long.

A longer Scooter Deck will allow you to hop higher due to the added leverage, be more comfortable to stand on due to the extra space and will allow you to balance manuals easier due to the added length providing stability.

A shorter Scooter Deck will allow you to spin tricks like tail whips and heel whips around quicker and allow you to rotate and spin your whole body and scooter around quicker for tricks like 180’s and 360’s

The length you choose is totally relative to your height and style of riding.

It is common for park riders focused on air tricks to use a shorter scooter deck allowing them to manipulate the deck and dictate its direction easier and faster.

It is common for street riders to use a longer scooter deck in general for many different reasons.
Street riders are usually a bit older which can often mean they are taller.
Street riders tend to ride with a “less is more” approach to tricks meaning they can have the benefit of a more comfortable longer deck as they do not rely on the technical benefits offered from a short deck.
Street riders often require the leverage given from a longer scooter deck to hop onto the high ledges and rails you see in street/city environments.

Use the length information on specific product listings at Syndicate to compare to your current Deck and as a suggestion we would advise not to change lengths by more than 1” to 1.5” at a time.

Overall, the most popular Scooter Deck length in the history of Syndicate is 23” long with 22” long coming close behind.

2) Scooter Deck Width
If the length is the most important measurement in a Scooter Deck then Width is definitely the second most important thing to consider.
Scooter Decks vary in width from about 4.25” to 7” wide.

A wider scooter deck will allow you to 5050 and 5.0 grind on rails and ledges easier, balance better on boardslides, provide more support and comfort to your feet and allow you to spot your landing better ensuring your feet land back on the scooter deck.
A thinner width Scooter Deck will likely be lighter due to having less material but doesn’t usually present any other notable benefits.

The way a scooter decks width affects you is relative to your body size and preference.
A wider deck will not feel as wide to a size 11 foot as it does to a size 7 foot.

Use the width information on specific product listings at Syndicate to compare to your current Scooter Deck and as a suggestion we would advise not to change lengths by more than 1” to 1.5” at a time.

3) Scooter Deck Weight
Scooter Decks vary in weight from about 1.1kg to 2kg
A heavier Deck will likely be stronger and last longer as a heavier deck generally implies it is made from more material.

A lighter Deck will allow you to manipulate the scooter easier potentially making tricks like double whips and bri flips easier.

The way that the weight affects you is relative to your strength and style.
A heavier Deck will not feel as heavy to an average grown adult as it does to a smaller 15 year old scooter rider.

4) Scooter Deck Headtube Angle
Scooter Decks can vary in Headtube Angle (HTA) from 82 degrees to 84.
The higher the number, the more distance between your bars and your body. (this helps for bar spins) and allows you more leverage to hop higher.
Many riders say this also help make nose manuals easier.

The lower the number, the steeper your bar angle will be which makes “stirring” tail whips easier.

Park riders tend to prefer an 82.5* headtube angle while street riders prefer 83* 83.5* and 84*.


This is a topic we could discuss for days and days but it all boils down to 4 main factors: Length, Width, Weight and Headtube Angle.
Once you find something that fits your preferences for the 4 criteria above then you can start to decide on shape, looks and colour.

Feel free to browse our range of Scooter Decks here.

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