NATIVE Scooters Canopy Complete: Expert-Level Street Scooter with Premium Components

Development and Design Philosophy of The NATIVE Scooters Canopy Complete

The Canopy Complete contrasts with the NATIVE Stem Complete, the popular beginner street scooter launched by NATIVE in 2019. The goal with the NATIVE Canopy Complete was to create the most advanced expert-level street scooter utilising high-quality parts that were until now, only available for individual purchase.

Detailed Analysis Of The Premium Parts Used

Emblem Grips

Starting at the top, we have the native scooters emblem grips. These 180-millimeter long grips feature a soft compound that feels comfortable from the first ride, a specific formula NATIVE developed to eliminate the break-in period that effects the instant usability of most grips. 

Aria T Bars

The Aria T bars, taken from NATIVE's premium line and exemplify advanced engineering with vacuum heat-treated, double and triple butted 4130 chromoly tubing. This design enhances strength and lightness, maintaining durability where needed most. The bar is thicker internally where it is welded together and where it goes into the SCS making it stronger than other bars and gradually becomes thinner internally in other parts of the bar where the strength is not needed making them absurdly light. 

picture of the NATIVE canopy complete scooter

Advent Refined Deck

The Advent Refined deck, developed over years of extensive testing, is a favorite among NATIVE and Syndicate team riders. Its size (6.25 inches wide and up to 23 inches long) and features like the 83-degree head tube angle, beautifully machined crook groove, and square front were all developed at the request of some of the most talented and expert street riders in the world.

close up of the advent refined deck on the NATIVE scooters canopy complete

Profile Wheels

The NATIVE Scooters Profile Wheels combine speed and grip. The innovative core design and urethane composition ensure a fast yet grippy ride, essential for high-level technical street riding.

Standard Components and Affordability

The Canopy Complete incorporates the Stem series SCS, Fork, and Headset to maintain affordability without compromising quality. These components have been tested and preferred by professional riders for durability and performance over years of intense riding and filming.

Available Variants and Specifications

The scooter is available in raw and matte black finishes, in medium and large sizes, with respective weights of 4.2 and 4.3 kilograms. These specifications highlight how light this scooter is for such a large and reliable complete scooter.


In conclusion, the NATIVE Scooters Canopy Complete is a testament to NATIVE's commitment to quality and performance in street scootering. Ideal for expert riders, or those ready to push themselves, this scooter combines innovative design with practical features that offer an unmatched riding experience to date.

If you would like to see more photos and specifications of the NATIVE Scooters Canopy Complete or are considering purchasing one you can do so by clicking here.

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