Syndicate Stories: Levi Knight's First NATIVE Trip

Today we're taking a trip down memory lane to Levi Knight's first riding trip to Brisbane as a rider for NATIVE. He had ridden for Syndicate for a minute already, but it got to the point where his progression and talent were impossible to ignore. Max Peters mentioned that a few other brands were looking to snap him up, so I knew I had to act fast. I called Reece to discuss moving him up the ranks, and Reece agreed it was a no-brainer. I called Lev and let him know we wanted him to join NATIVE...

spoiler alert: he said yes!

Nek minute Lev is on his way to Brissy to finish filming a video that would become his Welcome to NATIVE video part. So it's his first day in Brisvegas, were in the car discussing spots when he said he'd like to check out the famous Reece Jones Kink Rail from Reece's ender in the Fam Hungry Full Length. Scooter riders visiting this rail is like a Christian's pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and yes... I am 100% comparing Reece Jones to Jesus here. Nobody was touching the whole thing the way Reece did, but Levi was keen to get technical on the second half of the rail. A few attempts in I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I whip out the cam and start shooting as Lev is hitting the down flat to heel back lip.

He was landing it one foot and it barely seemed hard for him; I was sure we were taking this clip home and then it happened. First day, first trip, the first clip, and bam, Lev was down. He'd come-a-gutser and clipped his leg on the support beam of the rail on the way. It was not looking good at all. He had to call it, unsure if we'd ever make it back for this clip, let alone be able to ride for the rest of the trip.

Luckily with a bit of rest, Lev was able to march on. At this point, it felt like he really was on a Fam Hungry sight-seeing tour because up next was the famous but since removed Pub Rail. (a moment of silence please for the rails that can no longer be with us). Pub Rail didn't have the widest run up and it was a lil bit thicc compared to most rails. With all that in mind, it seemed like Lev had the perfect clip. He started motioning the grind with his Scooter and we all started losing it. The camera was coming out and Lev was about to make history.

With a trick like this, i didn’t expect many attempts to go down. I knew I only had 1 or 2 attempts at getting this flick, the lighting wasn't the greatest, and i was having a bit of a noob day where I couldn’t decide where exactly to shoot it from. But I had to make a call so I picked a spot and assured Lev that I was good to go (i was not!) and then it happened. If this wasn't the first documented street blunt on a legit handrail then somebody let me know. Has anyone even done it since? (August Pellaud comes to mind)

This was one of those moments where I pinch myself thinking what did I do in life to become so lucky that it’s literally my job to witness and capture stuff like this happening.

Without trying to turn this into too much of a plug, i will note that in the designing of NATIVE decks we have always paid special attention to the area between the front of the deck (the blunt plate) and the fork when turned sideways. We pay special attention to the size of street rails and the size of ledge coping at most skateparks. The smaller the gap between the blunt space and the fork - the more skatepark ledges and real street rails you will be able to blunt slide. NATIVE Decks are literally designed for blunt slides.. And Levi went and proved it like the King that he is!

Moving on.. Another day another spot..

This time we ventured out of Brisbane and went down to the Gold Coast.

When I saw this rail I really didn't know what to think. It seemed too tall and too kinky but at this point, I've learned not to question any of my riders' abilities and especially this new kid Levi.

Nathan Flemongo stood perched on a roof with the cam, smacking away on his vape between tries watching the young grasshopper earn his spot on the team.

The clip never made it into Levs welcome to NATIVE part as it was only used in the Instagram trailer, which I find absolutely shocking because the clip is so insane to me, definitely part worthy! Over the years I’ve shared a different angle of this flick multiple times but I'm unsure if I've ever posted this specific angle (i probably have). I must’ve joined Nathan on the roof for this one. The angle worked, the colors worked, I snapped Lev right in the middle and went home with one of my favorite photos I've ever taken.

The rest is history, Levi’s progression hasn’t slowed a bit since this first week when we all rode with him. He’s since had a mind-melting part in the NATIVE full-length In Our Nature and received a Signature NATIVE Deck as well.

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