Springfield Skatepark Review

Welcome to our review of the Springfield Skate Park. This park offers a variety of obstacles for riders of all skill levels. The flat ledge is a great obstacle for beginners, as it is low in height and long in length, making it easy to ride on. Additionally, it has a wide coping, which allows for a variety of grinds without grinding against the concrete.

The up-flat-down-ledge is another obstacle that is perfect for riders of all skill levels. This obstacle has a similar coping to the flat ledge, which makes it great for all types of grinds. The bank on either side of the obstacle allows for a unique riding experience, as riders can ride the bank to the flat or grind straight from the bottom up-and-flat and down.

The main quarter pipe section is a great place for riders to practice their fly outs and airs. Additionally, the pocketed quarter is a unique obstacle that allows riders to grind around the pocket and land into the bank. The smaller quarter pipe is a great obstacle for beginners as it is long and perfect for learning new tricks.

The long curved ledge and DIY-looking flat rail are both unique obstacles that provide a fun challenge for riders. The main flat bar at the Skate Park is a wide square flat rail that is perfect for riders looking for a challenging obstacle. The sub-box on top of the bank is a unique obstacle that allows riders to ride out of the bank, grind it, and jump back in.

The big bowl and half-pipe is steep and challenging, making it hard to do anything significant. The down rail is another wide square rail that leads riders down into the main bang section. The center of the Skate Park has a unique box jump with a pocketed quarter on both sides.

In conclusion, Springfield Skate Park offers a variety of obstacles for riders of all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, you will find something to enjoy at this park. 

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Springfield Skatepark is referred to by the Ipswich City Council as Bob Gibbs Park. You can see more council provided information here detailing other facilities around the park like Rugby Fields, Playgrounds and Fitness Equipment.

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