How to Nose Manual on a Scooter

The first step to learning a nose manual is getting comfortable on your front wheel and a good way to do this is doing a “nose-bonk” which is essentially a short and quick nose manual over the corners of ledges or short manual pads. It just helps you get comfortable jumping onto your front wheel.

The second step would be learning nollies off ledges. This is when you're coming up to the end of a ledge and you lift your back wheel so you're doing a small and quick nose manual off the very end of the ledge only. This will just help you get used to dropping off on your front wheel which is crucial to landing a nose manual on a Scooter.

The third step to learning a nose manual on a scooter is working on your balance point. To find your balance point foot positioning is crucial. When doing nose manuals you should have your front foot a bit straighter than the back foot and push it right up against the head tube - this gives you a lot of leverage to push forward because you don't want your foot to be too far away from the front wheel. Finding your balance point will take a while. Hours and days for some, Weeks and months for others. You’ll fall over your bars a lot – be very ready for this and take care of your wrists!

The nose manual on a scooter is an elusive trick that even some professional riders still have never mastered and some have never even learnt.

As with everything worth doing – it just takes time and perseverance.
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