Narangba Skatepark Review

The Syndicate Team ventured to Narangba to ride and film a review of the amazing Narangba Skatepark.

Pulling up to Narangba Skatepark we’re greeted by this perfect long ledge, a rather steep curved bank with a steep quarter in the middle of it, a quite tall curved ledge with a tiny curved manny pad, another awkwardly steep quarter, a flat down ledge, pole jam, a manny pad to drop and this steep coffin style bank ledge.

As we move to the other side of the park we’ve got a coping-less quarter on the right, a perfect flat down rail in the middle and another flat down ledge to the left.
Then we’ve got this bank which transitions into a bank to parking block which then transitions into a bank to highway barrier style wallride quarter.

This all flows into a quite tight and compact bowl section.

Overall we’re looking at a pretty street orientated park with a unique mini bowl section thrown in for good measure.

This ledge is perfect length, perfect height and perfect size coping like all the ledges at this park.

The quarter here is quite steep just like the bank behind it. Definitely not beginner friendly but it’s good for getting speed.

This hip nipple is lots of fun and a great alternative for beginners to get speed from.

This quarter is so steep it’ll send your bars into your chest if you’re not careful. These guys are professional riders so they make it look easier than it is.

This curved ledge is a bit harder to hit due to its height where as the manny pad is obviously tiny and can be lots of fun.

The flat down ledge is hittable on both sides, one of the best around for sure.

This manny pad is super low to hop on with a big enough drop to throw tricks out of.

The pole jam is a highlight feature at this park and its small enough that you can get creative without too much fear of getting hurt on it.

The flat down rail is as good as it gets. Perfect size and length. The only negative is if you wanna come up it there's minimal run up.

This bank to barrier got shredded and we found it pretty fun but i still cant help but think a nice normal quarter would have finished of this end of the skatepark much better.

I do think what we’re seeing here is a bit too much emphasis on the street like features which is impacting on the flow and overall accessibility of the park. That being said, id happily frequent this park just to ride the ledges and rails.
This bowl needed to be twice the size and not so steep. Its borderline unrideable due to how steep it is for how short it is. Even on a skateboard this mini bowl would be harder to ride than a bowl twice as big.

The nipple was a fun feature for sure. It provided a great warm down for us and we all got pretty dizzy before woody whipped the whole mini bowl flat gap to officially end the session and call it a day.

The locals answer to a leader known as Quinn who seemed to be okay with us filming for the day. Before leaving we were treated to a display of one wheel wizardry that will stay with us for years to come.
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