Ultimate Guide to Scooter Clamps: Understanding SCS Clamps, HIC Clamps and IHC Clamps

Introduction to Scooter Clamps and Compression Systems

Scooter clamps are best understood in relation to the compression system they are designed for.

Types of Scooter Clamps

The SCS Clamp Explained

The SCS clamp, featuring four bolts, comprises a lower section that accommodates the scooter's fork and an upper section where the handlebar inserts.

Double Clamps: HIC and IHC Systems

Alternatively there is the Double Clamp, also known as the HIC or IHC Clamp, which includes two bolts. It encircles the lower end of the handlebar, aligning with the handlebar's slits, and is tightened to secure the handlebar to the HIC or IHC sleeve fitted over the fork tube.

SCS Clamp Sizes and Compatibility

Understanding SCS Clamp Sizes: Undersized and Oversized

SCS Clamps come in two sizes: Undersized or Oversized. This refers not to the actual size of the clamp, but to the diameter of the hole that the handlebar will slide into.

Handlebar Diameter: Standard vs Oversized

Scooter handlebars are similarly referred to as Standard or Oversized, referring to the diameter of the vertical tube of the handlebar.

Compatibility between Handlebars and Clamps

So, when you have an oversized handlebar and you want to use it with SCS, you need to ensure the SCS fits oversized handlebars, which will be mentioned in the product specifications section of any SCS.

Specific Cases of Clamp and Handlebar Compatibility

Oversized and Standard Compatibility Issues

You cannot use an oversized handlebar with a undersized SCS; any undersized SCS will specify in the product specifications that it only fits standard sized handlebars.

Using Standard Handlebars with Oversized SCS

However, you can use a standard sized handlebar with an oversized SCS. This is because all oversized SCS clamps come with an adaptive sleeve, called a shim, which bridges the gap between the standard size handlebar tube of 31.8mm and the 34.9mm hole on the clamp that the handlebar tube will slide into.

Product Specification Importance

But, please note, most clamps do not specify whether an SCS Clamp is undersized or oversized in the product's title, and you always need to check the product's specifications to ensure which handlebars the SCS Clamp will be compatible with.

Fork Compatibility with SCS Clamps

General Fork Compatibility

In regards to scooter fork compatibility with SCS Clamps, any SCS Clamp should work with any scooter fork that is not advertised as an IHC Scooter Fork.

Double Clamps and Handlebar Compatibility

Fitting Oversized Handlebars

As for Double Clamps, or HIC/IHC Clamps, much of the same logic applies.

If the handlebar is oversized, the double clamp needs to specify that it fits oversized handlebars.

If the handlebar is standard sized, the double clamp can also be standard sized, meaning there will be no shim, or it can be an oversized double clamp that specifies or illustrates that it comes with a shim.

Shim Inclusion and Double Clamp Compatibility

On the NATIVE Orca Double Clamp, it is clear that it comes with a shim, meaning it can work with both standard and oversized scooter handlebars.

Clamps without Shims

Any Double Clamp that does not come with a shim should note this in its description or specifications.

The Rarity of Undersized Double Clamps

It is rare for a Double Clamp to be undersized, but some companies, such as Ethic DTC, do sell such clamps. In the case of an undersized double clamp, you will only be able to use it with standard-sized bars.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about Scooter Clamps that we have not answered here, or if you have come across a piece of information you think should be added, please email contact@syndicatestore.com.au.

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